Posted On: January 7, 2022

How do solar storage batteries work? Are solar batteries right for you?

Solar Storage Batteries

The solar battery is increasingly popular among solar system users in Australia. However, people are confused about the requirement of the energy storage system. Here are the common questions about the battery:-

  • How solar storage batteries works? Are solar batteries right for you?
  • When does it make sense to install storage battery with your rooftop solar system?
  • What are the good brands? What is the cost? How much would you expect to save?

How does solar storage work?

As we all know, solar power only generates energy during daylight hours. Mostly in the middle of the day for that matter. However, especially for households, most of the energy usage is in the evening or in the early morning. Therefore the solar power generation is often happening at the time when you need it the least. So what happens without a battery is the excess solar power is sent out to the grid and you receive a payment as per the tariff plan.

The problem here is that the amount you receive for the solar power you export is usually only a small fraction of the amount you paid to basically buy the same energy back that night. So, a solar storage battery simply collects some or all of that excess energy in the middle of the day and keeps it some you can use it at nighttime.

What are the popular solar battery brands?

LG Chem and Tesla Powerwall, which are lithium-ion batteries, according to LBL. Tesla Powerwall controls more than 60% stake of the entire home energy storage market.

How long do solar battery long last

Solar energy batteries can last anywhere between five to 15 years. You can expect a 20 to 25 years life span for a branded solar battery. Avoid repeated deep discharging of batteries, as the more it is discharged, the shorter the lifetime. Overcharging is also another cause of the degradation of solar batteries.

So, are solar batteries right for you?

There are three kinds of people who are looking for solar batteries.

  • The first on is, solar owners that are sending a lot of power to the grid and want to increase their savings.
  • The second one is, solar owners who want to further reduce their power bills and will need more solar, so they can get a battery.
  • The third one is, people who don’t have solar yet at all or people who want to reduce their reliance on the energy companies, and isn’t that all of us?

Already have solar? the first thing to look at is how much solar power you are exporting to the grid on average on a daily basis. If you have a smart solar system you can easily see this in the online monitoring system. If you don’t have the smart system, go through your power bill for total power exported to the grid.

The way you get the most benefit from the solar battery is to do this every day, charge and discharge as the weather permits. The other benefit of a solar battery is that it also can provide backup power in the event of a power blackout. Which are becoming more and more common these days.

Installing a solar battery for existing solar system

If you don’t already have solar power, then make sure you talk to a professional solar installer. A professional installer will help you to get the right system for you. Professional installers not only help you to install panels but also to install the right solar size of solar battery.

How much solar battery cost in Australia

A 14kWh solar battery (perfect for a 5kWh solar system) costs $14,000 on average. The cost changes depending on your location and the brand of choice. There are also handsome rebates in some states to offset the above cost.

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